Casar de Burbia 2013 – D.O. Bierzo

Casar de Burbia 2013 – D.O. Bierzo

One of the grape varieties that draws to us enormously is the Mencía, which as you know, is native to the area of El Bierzo, where part of our family roots are from. So when we are presented with a wine made with this variety, we usually try it. One of the latest wines of Bierzo we tested, with an acceptable price/quality ratio, is the Casar de Burbia 2013.

One of the latest wines for less than 10 euros that we have uncorked is a 100% Mencía; it is Casar de Burbia 2013, of the Bierzo Appelation. This wine is made with grapes from old vines, by the winery with the same name, Casar de Burbia.

The name of this wine is the same as the winery that produces it, and that also produces other wines in the wine market. All of their wines are monovarietal, 100% Mencía, and they also make white wines with the Godello variety. The Casar de Burbia winery, located at Carracadelo, is a family run company which has 27 hectares of vineyard, mostly centennial.

The old vines of Mencía grapes are in a mountainous terrain, at an altitude of about 600 meters, it has reddish, slate soils and great tannic concentration that gives wines particular characteristics. According to the winery, to make wine Casar de Burbia, they used grapes from plots in the Valdepiñeiro vineyard, where soils have higher content in clay and are more sophisticated. This helps emphasize the potential of the varietal.

The truth is that the wine Casar de Burbia 2013 surprised us with its personality. This wine, that has aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, has character from the moment you uncork it, and personally feels to us that it is not to be eaten with any food. It requires heavy dishes. It transports us to their land, to the aromas and flavors of a botillo, a meat pie, a vegetable stew, a lamb roast…

This wine from the D.O. Bierzo has a high intensity, clean and bright purple tear and hue. On the nose, we perceive aromas of caramel and red fruits that are persistent on the palate, with a strong entry that offers good acidity, body and persistence, but it is not sweet. However, it seems to us that this wine could improve by leaving it a little more time in bottle. It is a wine that can be enjoyed for less than ten euros, although in this price range it is not our favorite Mencía.

It must be said, that in the Guía Peñín, it won 93 points, having ascended in scoring in relation to the previous vintages. It is quite easy that this wine will have a good progression.

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