The wine photos of the year 2016

The wine photos of the year 2016

Entrants from around the world submitted their best pictures of wine to the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2016 competition. Robert Holmes was crowned this year’s winner for his…

Casar de Burbia

Located within the limits of Carracedelo since 1998, CASAR DE BURBIA is one of the wineries of the Bierzo Appellation that has gotten the most notice from international critics and has contributed to place this region in León on the map for the wine sector.

A family run company that owes its success to the initial gamble of the family patriarch, Nemesio Fernández Bello, who began buying old Mencía vineyards located in the best areas of the region at the end of the 80’s that were practically abandoned, especially in the beautiful area of Valtuille de Arriba. Nemesio, originally from Galicia, did so against the tide, because back then, the majority of the growers in El Bierzo were getting rid of their vines because they barely made a profit off them.

After various years of acquiring vineyards, the estate has reached 27 hectares (66 acres) divided into a mosaic of 52 plots. The general management and technical department pass over to Isidro Fernández Bello, a tenacious agricultural engineer that has had the know-how to be able to transform the potential of those vineyards to unforeseen limits. Actually, due to Isidro’s insight and the ever-growing influence of the French in his enological work, CASAR DE BURBIA has become one of the latest fetish Spanish wineries.

The vineyards owned by CASAR DE BURBIA are distributed, in turn, into three standards of quality depending on their altitude, orientation and characteristics of the terrain. The Mencía variety is the muse of Isidro Fernández’s wines, even though the winemaker also grows the Godello white grape variety.