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The land where the Casar de Burbia vineyards grow are a key factor in the taste, aroma and body of our wines. The great amount of molybdenum in the soil comes from the slate, highly abundant in the area, which together with the iron, dyes the land red, making the wines of Casar de Burbia a true mineral explosion.
The vineyards are distributed into 42 different plots, grouped essentially into three levels: A, B and C. These levels are selected based on a series of common characteristics such as height, incline and the type of terrain (more or less stony). The combination of these factors give the grapes special features.

Adjacent to the Road to Santiago are some of the oldest vineyards in El Bierzo:

  • Viña Sapita
  • Viña San Salvador
  • Viña Valdepiñe

The 27 Ha of vineyards located in Valtuille de Arriba comprise the following:

  • Víña Sapita
  • Viña Sal Salvador
  • Viña Valdepiñe
  • Viña La Valdaiga
  • El Castañal
  • Viña La Xica
  • Viña La Francisca

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Misión inversa del Reino Unido al Bierzo

Misión inversa del Reino Unido al Bierzo

Icex organiza una misión inversa del Reino Unido a bodegas de El Bierzo | Castilla y León Económica

Prescriptores británicos realizan una visita de 2 días para descubrir la uva mencía

Publicado el 1 de julio

Icex España Exportación e Inversiones organiza una misión inversa de 2 días en la comarca de El Bierzo (León) en la que participan 4 periodistas y 2 someliers del Reino Unido acompañados de personal del departamento Foods and Wines from Spain de la Oficina Comercial Económica y Comercial de España en Londres.

Encuadrada en el Plan de Gastronomía 2015 del Icex, este encuentro pretende dar a conocer a este grupo de profesionales las posibilidades que ofrece la variedad mencía, que permite la elaboración de vinos con una fuerte personalidad, como son los de la Denominación de Origen Bierzo.

Los profesionales serán recibidos por representantes de este Consejo Regulador, donde asistirán a una cata de vinos con distribución en el Reino Unido. Asimismo, visitarán las bodegas Pittacum y Casar de Burbia.

El programa se ha coordinado con el objetivo que estos profesionales conozcan de primera mano el potencial de este varietal y la situación actual de la DO Bierzo…

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#weareauthentic…it begins!

It starts! We are launching the second season of the series‪ #‎weareauthentic‬ in which we discover how an authentic wine is elaborated! Do you help us? If you are Authentic please share! We want to get far! Tomorrow we are presenting the first chapter!!

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Godello: Spanish white grape produces wines of lean, clean minerality

Godello: Spanish white grape produces wines of lean, clean minerality

“The Globe and Mail” By: BEPPI CROSARIOL

Godello – one can’t help but love the name, don’t you think? – sounds like the clumsier half of a comedy troupe or a character out of Cervantes or Shakespeare. “Pray, my good Godello, I beseech thee, descend from yonder oak and help me find my fair Penelope, for she is sweeter than any late-harvest riesling and more faithful than a monastery of blue nuns.”

If wine were in fact drama, godello might be closer to one of those born-again reptiles fromJurassic Park. The grape variety had declined to near-extinction by the 1970s, with just a few hundred vines to its cheerful name, according to Wine Grapes, the book by Jancis Robinson et al. Then a restoration effort was undertaken in its homeland of Galicia in northwest Spain, bringing its land coverage up to more than 1,000 hectares by 2008. It’s still a drop in the bucket compared with, say, chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon…

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