I like a bit of theatre with my food – and it doesn’t get much more theatrical than guéridon, the French art of finishing and plating dishes tableside! Crêpe Suzette comes immediately to mind, but there are many other possibilities as the below restaurants show. I’m pleased to see a bit of a guéridon renaissance in Sydney, at all levels of dining, and not just among the Frenchies.
Gueridon - eleven bridge
Eleven Bridge    Sydney     Hats off to Neil Perry and Phil Wood who have made a feature of gueridon service at the relaunched Eleven Bridge (previously Rockpool). It’s a special treat to have poultry, meat and seafood carved, prepared and plated tableside by experienced waitstaff in Sydney’s most beautiful dining room.

Lucio’s Italian Restaurant    Paddington     I love pesto’s vivid greenness and fresh flavour – but most of all I love it’s aroma, especially when the basil is gently crushed in a marble mortar right beside me and mixed with olive oil, garlic, pecorino and a drizzle of pasta cooking water, before being tossed through freshly-made pasta.

Bistro Guillaume     A great dessert trolley is a thing of beauty, as the waiter deftly assembles your bespoke selection of sweet treats. Good luck choosing between the likes of Guillaume Brahimi’s pistachio trifle, passionfruit crème brûlée, lemon tart, Paris-brest, chocolate & salt caramel tart, and vanilla mille-feuille.

Machiavelli    Sydney     Black-aproned waiters deftly silver serve zucchini flowers and other antipasto in this subterranean shrine to old-school Italian. But the real theatre is steak tartare mixed tableside to your specifications, a taste offered to ensure the seasonGueridon - Mejico - Guacamoleing is just right before it’s served with the ultimate indulgence – excellent hot chips!

Mejico    Sydney     The dishes in this bustling restaurant are a cut far above Sydney’s normal Tex-Mex offerings … but for me it’s all about the chunky, creamy, tangy guacamole mixed at the table in a stone mortar, served with plantain chips and so perfect with a margarita! And there’s a branch in Miranda.

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